Friday, April 3, 2009

I got a new doggie.. Introducing Matteo!!

Last week, my husband brought home a beautiful dog from the shelter. He is a 2 year old Bullboxer. Part bulldog, part boxer. He is adorable. I wasn't crazy about his name, it was Lewis. So I changed it to Matteo. It totally fits him. We are just in love with him. He is our second dog. Our first dog Midnight is 3 years old Black Lab. He is just the most precious dog you would ever meet. He is such a mush. Luckly, Matteo is the same way. My husband and Matteo
Matteo instantly was attached to us. My husband seems to be his favorite person in the house. We are all okay with that because we still have Midnight. I never knew that I could love another dog like I love my Midnight, but like children you just make your heart bigger. God led my husband to the shelter and Matteo was meant to be ours. I am so thankful.


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