Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whoo-hoo, the holiday is over and I'm a winner!

Hey Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and Day! May you have many blessings for the New Year!

I am overjoyed that the holiday is over. I am exhausted.I took down the tree and all the trimmings yesterday. Now the house looks blah with all my old things back in place. I have to find new things to make me smile. We will be re painting my living room again. Last year we painted it a golden yellow and it looks horrible. I don't know what I was thinking. I even bought maroon curtains that are way to short. I must tell you that I have tons of windows in my living room and they are all different sizes. Next time I'm getting long curtains. I can't really stand my living room. I have no enthusiasm or vision for decorating that room. I will post pics soon to show you and hopefully you can all give me some input.
Christmas went great and so did New Years and now that it is over I am going to try to drop the weight. I have been wanting to lose it for a while now but I knew that with the holidays I would never succeed. I have gradually started to cut down my servings and I have been trying to make better food decisions. My one trick is to chew bubble gum when I feel that I have to eat which is all the time. I love, love, love food but I have no control. I have to control the urges to eat right now. On Monday I will be starting to work out. I really like Jillian Michaels. She is so great and really makes you sweat but not be in so much pain that you can't do it again the next day.

On Monday the kids are going back to school. I'm secretly smiling about it. I have so much to do while they are in school. I will be organizing my home and making a schedule for our lives. I have a really tough semester in school coming up and I'm afraid that if I don't have a schedule our lives will be a chaotic mess. I'm happy that I am going to have it all organized before I start school again. I have a huge goal this semester. I really need to do great in order to pull up my GPA. I got accepted into a great college for next fall with great prospects of getting into its Nursing Program the following spring. I am currently in a local community college but the new college is a private college. I am so excited! I never thought I could get into a private college, of course I'm going to be paying out of my nose to attend though but it is so worth it.

Since I started school I haven't read a good book other then text books. Last night I sat down in my recliner and started reading a book I bought two years ago. I have a ton of books that I would love to read. I'm just happy to know that I will be finishing one book.

I also need to let you all know that I finally won a giveaway from Count Your Beautiful Blessings!!! I love posting them for you all on my sidebar and hope that you win some goodies too. So keep checking back here, maybe one day I'll have a giveaway of my own.

Well off to stir the chicken soup on the stove. It is smelling great and is full of veggie and chicken goodness.

Till then,


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