Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing like a little spray paint to make it perfect..

I have a confession, I can't spray paint to save my life. I'm a disaster. So all these projects were spray painted by my husband while I watched. I tried to do it myself but it was not pretty. Maybe if there is a class on spray painting I would figure it out but for now all spray painting projects are going to my husband. lol.
Wooden Key
I found this key at a thrift store.
I think it is so cool. Only $4.00. I had to
have it. I saw potential for this key.

I had sprayed the key Ivory. Yes, I sprayed it.
I did a horrible job and it was not the color I really
had wanted. When I put the key up to the wall it did
not look good against the wall color. Black was my second
choice. My husband gladly sprayed it for me.

My husband put some small hooks along the
bottom of the key so that we could hang
our keys. I hung it by the front door. It really
has helped us believe it or not. We always know
where are keys are now. Perfect!


Little Birdies

I found these little birdies for a dollar each
at Dollar General. I didn't like the color and
they looked really cheap. Some white
spray paint and now they are perfect!


My little birdies now sit on top of the stove,
watching me cook wonderful meals for my
family. I sprayed them with satin paint, which
makes it easier for me to clean them.


Lady Joy

Lady Joy has been a beautiful statue that has
been watching over my garden for a few years now
but the sun and rough weather has taken its toll
on her, so I gave her a little make over.


Lady Joy is now beautiful and watching
over my front yard. The red lilies that
surround her will be up in August.
I can't wait!

Until I post again, many blessings!



marie said...

Isn't it wonderful what a little spray paint will do!! (no matter who's spraying it!)

All your makeovers are super ~ I saw those birds at Dollar Tree. Never occured to me to give them a new look. I love how they turned out! Lady Joy and the key holder really look great too!

Happy Birthday to your mom and thanks for the birthday wishes for mine.
It sure would be nice to live closer to them!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Jessabell,
WOW!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful makeovers with us. I clicked on the beautiful Garden Angel to see her better. She looks awesome with her new golden color!!!
Thanks for your kind words when my mom passed away. They meant a lot to me.
Mary Lou

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The key is my favorite! That's awesome. :)

Disney said...

Oh I LOVE spraypaint! All of these look great, I especially love the key!