Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a little mommy and me time..

My son and I went down to the Jersey Shore (not Seaside Heights), for a little R&R. My parents live down the Jersey Shore and welcomed my youngest son and I down for 5 days. It was a very much needed break from reality.

I took my son to the beach. It was the first time for my son at the beach. He loved playing in the sand and jumping in and out of the water. We even tried to dig to China.

My parents were so good to him, sometimes a little too good. Everyday he went for ice cream and swam in the pool. They took him to a small amusement park and came home with more than an arms full of prizes.

It was a nice break away from the video games in my eyes. He and his father are obsessed with video games. It was a great time for my son and I to be together and have fun with each other. It is hard to have fun when you are so busy trying to keep house and raise kids.

I also got to sneak away and go to Staten Island, NY to see my friends. It was so great! Had a blast with my girlfriends for a few hours.

On our way home my son and I had a fabulous lunch in South Philly. He was homesick so we had to leave right away. I wish we could have stayed longer and walked around the town.

Well back to reality now, school starts for both the kids and I in a few short weeks.

By the way, I'm down 8 pounds. Yippee!

Til then,


Oh, P.S.: I'd like to congratulate my dearest friend Lisa and her family at on the birth of her son Justin. Wishing you many Blessing!

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