Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lovin this Sunday

Well, today I must say is going great. I woke up this morning cheerfully, in my newly painted room that was painted a beautiful shade of yellow. The yellow makes my room so much brighter and also makes it look so much bigger too. I still have more work to do before my bedroom is done but so far so good. On most Sunday's I hear the grunts of my family not wanting to go to chruch or to Sunday school. Not this morning!!! Everyone got up and not one complaint. We went to church as a family together. It has been a couple of months since we have all gone together. I was so pleased. My son Sean, who is 8 years old usually becomes antsy and cannot last through the entire service without becoming annoying but not today. God was shining down on my family today. You could give me a bag full of money but I would not be as happy as I was this morning with my family in church. Some might find that crazy but I really do enjoy the simple things in life and I am thankful for them. The one thing I wanted to do today, I have decided not to do. My town has a St. Patricks day parade every year. I have not attended this parade since I have moved to Pa. I had planned on going with my family this year being that it is such a beautiful day out and I like to be out with my community but due to a few foolish people I have choosen to keep my family home. To many people feel that they can get drunk at the bars and come out and act like total asses. The parade is at 1pm in the afternoon. How are these people drunk this early in the afternoon? I'm still drinking coffee. So due to the behavior of these people I feel it is safer to keep my family home. I do feel bad for the business owners that put the parade on. With the economy being the way it is I'm sure that contributing to the parade is not easy and with drunk people running around ruining the parade for the people that are there to enjoy it must be very frustrating for them.
Well, enough on the parade. I will not let that damper my day. I have decided that my family and I will just relax and enjoy ourselves today. No cleaning and running around. I didn't hear any complaints from my family so I am going down to my basement to my craft area and I'm going to sew today. I might even sneak in a card or two.
Have a great day today.

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Sprytebyrd said...

Glad you're having a wonderful day, BFF - I hope that it continues for you and that you have lots of crafty time! I am slowly working my way down to my craft room, too.. we'll see how that goes! Have fun!