Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I have been busy..

I'm saddened that I don't get to blog as much as the bloggers I love to read. I recently had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. The surgery went great and I'm pretty much healed and feeling great. I also have been behind in my studies due to the surgery. I am caught up and happy to say that I am also on Spring Break this week. I would love to say that I am down in my crafting area crafting my little heart away but I'm not. Instead of crafting I am painting my bedroom and my living room this week. I also have to spring clean this house. Gladly, the garage was done this weekend with the help of my family. It was bad!!!

Crafting News
Onto crafting news... my sister is preggers and is due in July. She is having a baby boy. We think his name will be Jake. So I have been thinking of different things to make for the baby's room and for her baby shower. Her baby shower theme will be Nursery Rhymes. I am finding it really hard to find anything with the nursery rhyme theme. If anyone knows of a website that they can lead me too for ideas I would greatly appreicate it.

New Releases of Stamps
So lately I have seen a lot of new releases of stamp sets and such from all different companies. As much as I like some of the designs I must say that I am not totally impressed with most. I feel the images are to cartoonish and look like coloring book images. I don't like that these companies are making such crappy stamps and charging a fortune for them. I won't name names because I don't want to bash companies. I understand that they have to come up with new designs to keep up with other companies but why crap? Some images look like they are drawn by a 5 year old. So yes, since I don't like them I will not buy them. Enough of that.

Well, I'm hoping this week to get in on some challenges. I'll post what I do if I find time.

Thanks for reading!

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