Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This is not what I should be doing but can't help it.

I should be studying for my final tomorrow but it is getting kinda boring. Seriously, I needed a break.

Anyway, little by little I have been cleaning up the back deck, yard and screen porch. I have decided since I will be spending my summer in school and studying that I would concentrate on the backyard, deck and screen porch. I want to make these areas a place that I can study but still get to enjoy the warm weather outdoors.

So first step, pick a color scheme. I have decided to go with navy blue and white. Why? Well my screen porch is painted tan and the moldings are white, the table and chairs on the deck are gray. By the way, I'm loving gray right now. I think navy blue and white would combine both spaces really nicely, since they are right next to each other.

I'll share pics as I go but first I want to share some great ideas I think will look great. I'm hoping to find a lot of great pieces at yard sales since I'm on a tight budget thanks to the ever increasing gas prices! Help Us Obama!! (Sorry, I really need him to work on this problem.)

How about this cute bamboo weave outdoor fabric for outdoor pillows?

Premier Prints Indoor/Outdoor Coral Deep Blue

I really like this fabric but wish it had a white background and blue coral.

Ballard Indoor/Outdoor Sheers

Love the look of outdoor curtains but won't be paying the Ballards Design price for them. LOL. I'll just make my own or better yet get drop cloths and hang them! By the way, how relaxing does that look.. ahhh, in my dreams. Thinking I'll need one of those lounge chairs too! lol.

Nautilus Shell on Blue Outdoor Print

How great is this painting? I'm going to have to have my artist daughter copy it and maybe make a second one with a different shell.

I better stop now and get back to studying. I love to look at home decor and design and could do it all day if I had time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. Have a great week!


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Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hi Jess...thanks for visiting my blog and leading me back to yours. Love the navy. My back porch and deck are done in navy, green and white. I got a great deal on my fabric on eBay. I have 3 different patterns that should check it out. Just search outdoor fabric.
Have a great rest of the weekend and Happy Mother's Day! Have you entered my giveaway?