Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you so much Beate

My wonderful friend Beate has given me an award. Whoo-hoo!! Thanks so much girl. By the way, Beate owns an awesome advanced scrapbooking group on Cafemom. She is so creative too. You must check out her blog.

So Beate chose 5 friends to give this award to and I will do the same. I wish I could give it to Beate again! I will also try not to give it to anyone that I know has it already so that I can spread the award around.

1. Lizzie, check out her blog and see why I think it is great!

2. Celina- a great scrapbooker!

3. My BFF DEE, of course we both have the same blog backround!! he-he!!

4. Kimmie, she is a serious cardmaker, truly awesome.

5. Kathy, the Queen of Altering!

Please check out these really creative ladies and again thank you so much Beate, you also Rock!


lizzie said...

awwww aren't you the sweetest!!!

Beate said...

Yippie! I got the comment thingie to work on your blog! I dunno what is up with blogger lately.

Fink said...

That is sweet that you got it!