Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help the Hungry with 50 Cent One Like=One Meal

Ok, you may or may not know 50 Cent, he's a world famous hip hop artist. "Hey Shortie, it's your birthday.. we gonna party like it's your birthday.." Ok, I'm a suburban white woman, I'll stop. lol. Either way, love Fiddy, as I like to call him. Even my mother likes him.
So anyway, why am I telling  you about Fiddy (50 cent)? Well the man is putting his money where his mouth is. What? For every One Like on Street King on Facebook, he will donate One Meal to the hungry. He's not asking you to donate your money, just Like Street King on Facebook. That's it folks. Please help him reach 100,000,000. Likes. Help him feed 1 million people. Please spread the word by posting it on your Facebook page, on your blog and telling your friends and family.  So just click this hyperlink:

Thanks so much.


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