Friday, October 21, 2011

Bedroom Re-do!

So I had 2 weeks off this summer. Odd. I took advantage of the time and decided it was time to re-do my bedroom.  I spend a massive amount of time in here.  I sleep, study, workout and craft in here. It was time to make my space a place that makes me happy. I totally love the transformation.  I have to thank my husband and my mother for all their help.  So here we go.

First off, I won 2 black and white Chevron pillow cases this summer from The Mathew Family Happenings.  I love them. When I got them in the mail, it totally inspired me to re-do my room. So thanks Mary Kathryn. I heart them.

I went to my parents house for my first week off. They live down the Jersey Shore. My mother is a home decor nut.  We talked all about what I should do and we went to thrift stores in the area. A set of 3 crystal candle holders caught my eye in a house in Tuckerton, NJ. A woman has a house full of antiques and crystal. My mother hates fake crystal so when I said that I liked the candle holders she went over and looked at them.  They were real crystal but they were a little pricey. My mother, one never to pay full price for anything, started her haggling and bam they were now mine! Thanks to my mama! Love her. I love shiny, glittering, fancy, classy Yup,that is me. These now set off my wanting of crystals to be part of my room re-do.

So when I got home from Jersey. I went over to Lowe's and got the paint. Love Valspar High Def paint. I got myself 2 cans of Violet tinted painted. I'm not being paid by Lowe's to endorse Valspar but I truly think their paint is great. It covers so great. I got it in eggshell so that it would be easier to wipe down.  I love this color. Compared to the yellow that the walls were, I feel like I'm in a different room.

The Furniture!

So I have had my bedroom furniture for 13 years already.  I would have loved to get some new furniture but it wasn't in the budget. The original color was a distressed black stain then I whitewashed them back in 2000. Hubby did my the biggest favor and sprayed them black and added new hardware to one of the dressers and the smaller night table. The other dresser was given to me when I moved into my house.  It was painted black and when I was in Lowe's getting hardware I could find matching hardware.  I have to go look in Home Depot. It's on my to-do list. God only knows when I'll do that. lol.

So the bedding. I searched online, in stores and beyond for the perfect set. At first I was going to do black and white but nothing seemed right.  I went to Target to pick up something and decided to walk to the back to check out if they had anything. Sure enough to my surprise they had this lovely set.  It was on clearance too. Smiles!! It was perfect. It was mine.

So in 2 weeks, I got in a mini vacation at my parents and then painted my room, painted my furniture and found bedding. I thought for sure there would be no time to finish decorating due to school. I was supposed to go back on a Sunday but the weather had different idea. Hurricane Irene decided to make a visit to the East coast.  My mother's town was evacuated. My mother and brother from NY came up to me. My father stayed home to protect the house. I was so excited to see my mother again. 2 visits in 2 weeks.

We were supposed to get bad wind and rain in my area so the school closed for the day. We got nothing. Not complaining at all. We get enough rain and snow all year long. Instead of staying in the house my mother and I went shopping. First stop, Big Lots.  We picked up this awesome lamp shade.  The had the perfect lamp but for $60, I don't think so bud. Your Big Lots, not Macy's. I did find a lamp that works perfectly at Walmart for $24. That's more like it.
By the way, have you seen the stuff at Walmart from Better Homes and Garden, some of it is really nice. I got a ruffled black pillow that was BHG. We picked up so much stuff at Walmart. Curtains, a vase, flowers, crystals, small rug, pictures, bracelet holder and a frame were all purchased at Walmart. Designing on a budget. I'm not the biggest fan of Walmart but it was so worth it this time.

The Arts..
I'll always be a New York girl, I'm originally from Staten Island. A piece of me is still there, always. It was always my dream to live and work in Manhattan. Sadly, it never came true. Maybe when the kids are out of the house I'll go back and live in the city. They have plenty of hospitals to work in. I found these pictures so appropriate. I love New York, and I would love to travel to Paris. I made an Eiffel tower out of Popsicle sticks and tooth picks when I was a kid for a school project. I'll never forget that project. Guess I've been crafting for a long time?

I bought this picture of Audrey Hepburn 7 years ago at MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts in NYC) and finally I bought a frame and hung it up. Nothing like a little procrastination. I love Audrey. She was such a wonderful person. We need more Audrey's in the world.

These 3 little painting were done by my daughter. She is an artist. I love that she made them for me. In life sometimes all we can do is "Hope". I love her.  She is thinking of selling some of her art on Etsy. This is nothing compared to what she does. One day I'll share it will you all. She is truly talented. I don't know where she gets it. I can't even draw a stick figure. Lol.

Well, back to my reality, nursing school. 14 more months to go!! Thank you Jesus.  

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mary kathryn @ mathews family happenings said...

ahhhh!! I LOVE the new bedroom! And the pillows look so fabulous on your bed! I truly hope that you enjoy your new space- and...I have that same Breakfast at Tiffany's print. Love it. Happy Friday!

Brandi said...

Your bedroom is beautiful! One of my very favorite colors!

{Steph} said...

This looks lovely!

patti west said...

hi Jessica...I'm new to your blog, but wanted to tell you how much I love the new look of your beautiful bedroom. :) The furniture looks fab w/new paint and hardware. And yes! I know...I am amazed by some of the decorating stuff I see at Walmart. I recently re-did my oldest son's bedroom and found a lamp, shade, bedding, candle, sheer curtains, and writing table there. LOL! Enjoy your lovely new bedroom and thanks for sharing! patti in upstate (way up!) new york.

Jamie said...

the new room looks great! your daughter is talented- love those little canvases!! and why is Walmart cheaper than Big Lots sometimes?!

Jamie said...

Beautiful!! Love the pillows. I would love for you to stop by and link up your project to More the Merrier Monday. It lasts through Wednesday so you have plenty of time to link up.